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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you any questions regarding our services and our rack collection? Here you will find some essential information. Quick and reliable.

1. How and where can I have a rack collected?

Please notify every rack for collection to BE Logistik by telephone, fax or at The racks must be empty and easily accessible for the lorry-mounted forklift. Racks loaded with returned goods are not considered to be ready for collection. (See also >> How are racks loaded with returned goods collected?)

2. Is there a charge for collecting racks?

For you as a client, there are no transport costs for collecting the racks.

3. Can a rack also be picked up from a building site?

We will be pleased to pick up the transport racks from addresses different to the delivery address; please notify us of this when you contact us.

At the time of collection, the racks must be accessible for the lorry-mounted forklift and may not be loaded with waste nor returned goods.

4. When is a rack invoiced?

BE Bauelemente makes the racks available without charge for 30 days. If you need the racks for more than 50 days, you will receive an invoice for the value of the rack as a deposit.

You can return the rack up to 80 days after the delivery date and after it has been collected in good order; , then you will receive a Credit Note for the amount of the invoice.

5. Collection of invoiced racks

Please report the invoiced racks that you want collected. Once they have been collected, you will automatically receive a Credit Note for the invoice value of the rack.

6. How are racks loaded with returned goods collected?

In the case of returned goods, please contact BE Bauelemente, (Quality Service Centre Department, QSC) – the person responsible will then open a Returned Goods Report.